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Picking the Right BJJ and MMA Equipment For Your Training

Posted on November 5, 2017 in Training by

Picking the right MMA gear for practicing can be very confusing, especially for those who are beginners in boxing. That is because there are very many types of MMA equipment in the market and all the gloves and headgear are made of great quality. Nevertheless, each head gear has a purpose they serve whether they are for training or actual fighting.
There are key types of the gloves in the MMA gear world of training. These are the bag gloves and sparing gloves. The bag gloves are designed in such a way that they protect the fighter against the heavy punches they deliver on the bags and the impact of the striking pads. That way the fighter can practice without fear for injury.

Bag gloves have improved wrist support and more dense padding to achieve the optimum protection. In the same way, the sparing gloves are also for MMA fighters and protect their hands whilst practicing. The gloves are designed for training and getting the wrong pair can be very dangerous on another fighters face. Sparing gloves can look like the traditional MMA gloves or have large padded striking area as well as finger loops. Nevertheless, both types are more padded as compared to other MMA gloves.

When it comes to grappling, you will most likely need a brazilian jiu jitsu gi. You can find a list of the best bjj gis here. The article does a great job breaking down the best of the best when it comes grappling gis and choosing the right bjj gi. Any of the above from that list will do you good!

MMA equipment is not just limited to gloves, there is also theheadgear that many people do not use when practicing. The headgear is highly recommendable since it prevents very serious head injuries. There are headgears for both practicing and actual competitive fighting so it is important to make sure that you get the right one for training. The quality of MMA gear is not disputable and nothing will ever go wrong while practising.

Which martial art should you learn to excel in MMA

Posted on October 31, 2017 in Training by

Fighting styles have always been unique for each country or even region for that matter as each style would be derived from the history of the place as well as the culture. As time went by, some martial arts became popular due to spreading of the style to other countries.

Here are popular martial arts you should you learn to excel in MMA.

First up on the list would be none other than Chinese Kung Fu which is said to be one of the oldest fighting styles in the entire Asia. The very first recorded type of Kung Fu is, of course, Shaolin Kung Fu which encompasses body strikes as well as weapon fighting. The most modern type of kung fu widely practiced today is Wu Shu which is subdivided into Tao Lu which is composed of fancy forms and San Shou which is composed of strikes and some wrestling moves.

The second most popular combat art would probably be karate which was also spread by movies depicting the art such as the Karate Kid and the Chuck Norris movies. Just to give a background, karate is a style that originated in Okinawa as a means for the farmers to protect themselves from invaders. This style is all about rock hard toughness and trying to crush the opponent in a single blow.

Another popular style that has created a name for itself on an international level in Taekwondo. This hard-hitting martial art comes from the land of Korea and is very known for its amazing kicks. This art would not only make use of simple hard kicks but acrobatic ones as well that is mostly utilized for entertainment purposes.

Jiu-Jitsu is one of the more unique styles on the roster because it is probably the only style that would concentrate on fighting while one has his back on the ground. This was made one of the main styles used in mixed martial arts tournaments like the UFC. It was first popularized when the Gracie family used it in the ring.

When it comes to weapon-based fighting styles, probably one of the most effective would be the fighting style known as Arnis or Eskrima which hails from the Philippines. Arnis makes use of sticks, knives, and hand to hand combat to destroy the enemy.

Last but not the least would be Muay Thai which is another style that is often used in MMA tournaments. This bone crushing style which hails from Thailand makes use of fists, the shins, elbows, and the knees to crush the opponent. This is known to be one of the deadliest styles in the world.Those are some of the most popular of all fighting styles that one may take up if he is interested in this sort of thing. If one would want a variety of choices,

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